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Competency Roadmapping

Start with the outcomes.

Determining what your people need to know to be effective in their work is essential to any great training program.  We can help map out the actions and skills your people actually do, and align your training to match it.

Less time training, more time doing.

Our professional learning consultants can help you beat this challenge.  Schedule an appointment today,

The process of competency mapping can be long, and requires some skilled facilitation from a learning and development perspective to be successful.  Without narrowing the lens appropriately, companies get stuck trying to teach their people how to handle every possible scenario and be experts at everything. 


That's not helpful. 

By working with us, we can shadow your individual roles in the organization, interview subject matter experts, and work with leaders to streamline what's actually important.  Once we have the outcomes lined up, we can map out the competencies required to produce those outcome.  Armed with a map, training can be developed that guides your people to only the knowledge they need to get the job done.  This means time on task starts sooner, and training costs you less.

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